Our Process


Successful projects begin by understanding your business requirements. This is where you tell us what you want, and we ask you a bunch of questions to understand everything about your project.

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Once we fully understand what you want, we will prepare a scope document and design mockup of your project. If we are building a website, this would include an image of your home page, and a few other elements. We will review and revise your design until you are satisfied with the outcome.

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Once you approve the scope and design, we start putting the pieces together. In most cases, your web project will be built in a staging area, where you can view progress, and provide feedback. This enables us to fully test your project on all browsers and devices. We will keep you informed on progress with regular status reports.

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After you are fully satisfied with your new web project, we will coordinate a launch date with you, train your staff if needed, and deploy.

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Let us help you design a build a really great website for your business!