Website Maintenance

Website maintenance enables your website to run smoothly.  You may have a really awesome website, but just like your house or car, it requires maintenance to keep it running.  Would you buy a new car and never change the oil?  Would you buy a new home and never cut the lawn or change a light bulb?  Probably not.  Well, your website requires maintenance also.  Some of the more common maintenance tasks which should be performed at least monthly are:


Wordpress Core Updates

Wordpress releases core updates to keep sites and the backend secure, and improve performance.  As these new updates are released, we will take care of the update for you.  We always check for compatibility and run a backup prior to performing core updates.

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Plugin & Theme Updates

Many Wordpress sites are built using a myriad of plugins to improve the function or your website elements.  Plugin developers release regular updates to block hackers and other vulnerabilities.  The easiest way for a hacker to access your website is by not keeping your plugins updated - 83% of hacked Wordpress websites had not been updated!  Not only will we keep your plugins updated, but we run compatibility checks to ensure each update is compatible with your Wordpress core version.

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Incremental cloud backups

We run incremental backups of your website and database and store them securely offsite at Amazon S3.  Restoring is as simple as the click of a button.

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Security & Malware Scans

Website security is hot topic.  There are over 10,000 websites blacklisted every day by Google for malware alone.  We run regular scans on your website to check for malware, evidence of hacking, blacklisting and notify you is anything has been detected.

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As your website accumulates multiple post revisions and spam comments, your database grows and can impact website performance.  We will clean these out regularly so they do not affect your database and website performance.

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Uptime Monitoring

Is your site always up and running for your customers?  Many business owners do not visit their websites daily to ensure they are always accessible.  Your site can go down for a number of reasons.  Many clients forget to renew their hosting, or don't update billing methods when credit cards expire.  If your site has been hacked, your hosting provider may suspend your server, which will bring your website down.  We monitor your website every 5 minutes, and immediately get notified if your site is not accessible.

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Speed and Performance Checks

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow website.  About 25% of visitors will leave your site if the page doesn't load within 5 seconds.  Some sites which are very content rich, or display full frame high res videos will be the exception to this as long as the site is built with a notification that tells the user to wait while content is loaded.  For most sites however, page speed is critical to ensuring your visitors stay on your site.  We run regular performance checks on your site, and notify you if there are any issues which need to be addressed as well as suggestions to resolve.

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Monthly Reports

We will send you a customized report every month showing everything that we performed on your website to keep it running smoothly.  You will see all backups completed, all plugin and core updates performed, malware scans, uptime monitoring, optimizations, and performance metrics.

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  •   WordPress Core Updates
  •   Plugin & Theme Updates
  •   Incremental Cloud Backups
  •   Security & Malware Scans
  •   Optimization
  •   Uptime Monitoring
  •   Speed and Performance Checks
  •   Monthy Reports




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